• Christmas is almost here, and I can already feel the excitement in the air. There is nothing like it, no matter what age. Going to the Christmas tree in the morning, finding a present with your name on it, ripping it open, pulling out the gift and… your Aunt Susan got you a pair of daggy undies for Christmas… again!

    I’m sure this has all happened to us at some point in our lives, making us cross underwear off as a potential Christmas gift.

    Well, I want to break this stigma and show you that undies can be a great gift for Christmas and your recipient will love them!

    For the kids out there, you can’t go wrong with a pair of undies where comfort comes first, but prettiness isn’t forgotten. Tick those boxes with our Cotton Lace Trim Panty, which comes in five great colours.

    Now, for your sister. This one can be a little tricky.  You don’t want to give them something boring, but you also don’t want something overly seductive.  A great choice for them would be either our Sexy Back Laced Panties or our Ultimate Panties.  Thinking a set would be nicer?  You can’t go wrong with our Witness My Fitness - Striped Lace Bralette Set.  These have the perfect balance between sexy (but not too sexy), and comfort.

    All that’s left is your partner.  This can go two ways.  If you have a female partner, you can purchase them a seductive set of undies such as our “White Romance Bralette Set”, which features a white, slightly see-through, lace bralette with matching panties.  Or you could be a little bit cheeky and get yourself and your lover a present all in one.  Buy something sexy that you love, maybe even our T for Two Black Laced Mesh Bralette Set. This way you get a new set of lingerie, and they get to see you in it.

    There we go… Christmas shopping sorted!

    Oh, of course, can’t forget Aunt Susan. For Christmas, you could get her The Sasha - Laced Shorts… and maybe a link to this blog.

    Happy shopping!

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  • Many of us look back on our dating past and wonder how on earth we could ever have considered dating men so incompatible. We also reminisce on some of our underwear choices and think, ‘what the hell!?’

    As new research finds that it is perfectly normal for women’s tastes in men to change as they get older, I can also confidently say that my taste in panties has changed. Research from has concluded that there is indeed a ‘perfect man’ for every stage in a woman’s life. With our growing conviction in what we want in a man, we also come to an understanding about our fashion choices, and in turn, what we want in a pair of panties.

    From bright young things on the hunt for cheap lace and a bad boy with a car, to ‘later daters’ looking for quality, comfort and longevity, the research shows that a woman’s age will often dictate the different characteristics they look for in life.

    Once we tip over the 18-year-old mark, we look at the out of shape, cheap panties we bought only 6 months ago and think there must be a better alternative. On the hunt for panties (and men) that made me feel sexy, but also stuck around for the long haul, I began Sasha’s Intimates.

    Some of us have met ‘the one’. For me, he’s a pair of silk black boy legs, which remains in stupidly high rotation. Others are still wandering the world wearing underwear that cuts in, and sporting lace that seems to have collected a different ball of colour after every wash. My designs, material and construction are all orchestrated with comfort at the forefront and good looks as the driving force.

    When we are younger, looks predominate but it gets to a point where we seek true comfort. In trying to switch to a more comfortable feel, I became undie-whelmed (apologies to the dad joke) by the options at hand, noticing there was nothing out there that was both sexy and could be worn all day.  Every piece in my collection is designed to give all day comfort without sacrificing in its seduction factor. I want them to be something you can be proud to wear and not desperate to take off!

    Are you a loyal Sasha’s girl? Let me know how my sexy comfort has changed your life below!


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  • It is the age old question - quality or quantity? Do you fill your drawers with flimsy frillies or splurge on one particularly expensive piece? Some expensive brands can easily set you back by several hundred dollars, but is the price worth it? What makes expensive lingerie better than medium priced good quality garments?

    Cheap vs. High End

    Almost everyone who purchases designer and high-end garments knows that branding and design have a massive role to play in the pricing of the products. That’s the case with almost all high-end clothing, including lingerie. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there can be a distinct difference in the quality and design of cheap lingerie and those that cost hundreds of dollars. It is no secret that often the high-end products are more comfortable, have a better fit, are made from softer and much fancier materials.

    Over on the cheap side of the tracks, the garments are usually made from poor quality fabrics and would literally only look good on a Victoria’s Secret model (maybe). Some can be a little too tight, while others are a little too loose and offer horrid support. Also, the materials aren’t as breathable, which can lead to icky rashes and infections.

    Let's be honest, high-end lingerie products are made from the best materials and have great designs. They also tend to fit better and last longer. Having said this, experts suggest that you should discard your lingerie after using it for a certain period of time, which is why many people choose to purchase more affordable lingerie. However, the quality of the garments matters a lot as well. That makes high-end products worth the price you pay for them.

    What about Medium Priced Lingerie?

    When I got into this business, I vowed to offer quality lingerie that wouldn’t break the bank, so that all of the Sasha’s girls out there can look great but still afford those Friday cocktails. The fact is, you don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars to purchase lingerie of good quality. You just need to find the right balance between the price and the quality of the product.

    These sets usually cost around $50 and are made from excellent quality material. They’re also designed to fit well, provide ample support, and be breathable. In short, you get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket but don’t need to compromise on comfort and design either.

    Is there a difference between High-End Lingerie and Mid-Range Products?

    The short answer is not really. People purchase high-end designer lingerie because it makes them feel good. They want to splurge on themselves or reward themselves with an expensive product that looks beautiful. This allure is completely understandable and it’s not a bad idea to indulge in it once in a while.

    Competition ensures that manufacturers will deliver a good product even at a lower price point. Customers pay extra for these products because they expect good fit, better comfort, and ample support. Unfortunately, most of the time they are just paying for the label.  

    In fact, you might find that some mid range lingerie is much more comfortable when compared to the more expensive products available in the market. Designer and high end lingerie are often show pieces and aren’t suitable for everyday wear. You might want to wear them for special occasions like your wedding or on a special date. However, few people wear expensive lingerie when at work or while visiting friends.

    Lingerie shopping can be a little confusing because of the number of products and different sizes available in the market. It’s a good idea to do some research and find a designer or company that provides the best fitting bras and panties for your particular body shape.

    So look, let's be real. Obviously, I am going to tell you that midrange lingerie is the best option because that's exactly where Sasha’s Intimates falls. But I haven’t always been in this industry. Once upon a time, I was just like you. I tossed up price and material and felt lost. I had cheap items, and expensive items and couldn't quite grasp what I was paying for. So I took my curiosity so far that I ended up creating my own brand. I am so glad you’re here, reading my story and following my journey.

    Until next time,

    Sasha XX

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  • We all know that if we were to peek into our underwear drawer, we would see some not-so-suitable panties. There are those ones that really ride up, and there are those that seriously squish in. Realistically, some of us are quite careless when we choose our lingerie and intimate garments. We choose products based on design and appearance and don’t always take comfort into account. Yes, we all want to look pretty (who wouldn’t!) but there are lots of ways that you can have your cake and eat it too! Finding the perfect balance between comfort and style is tough, but totally doable if you keep the following factors in mind.


    • The Right Material - Material should be the first factor you consider when you purchase lingerie, especially if you live in a warm climate and are physically active. If your panties aren’t breathable and keep moisture trapped underneath the fabric, you could experience any number of nasties such as yeast infections, rashes, and other not-so-fun problems.


    Whether you want to work out or just lounge in your bed, cotton undergarments are your best choice. Your skin won’t be constantly exposed to sweat as the cotton panties will allow air to pass through and the sweat to evaporate. That will minimise the risk of yeast infections and rashes.


    Many women are also moving toward MicroModal panties. The allure of this material is that it strikes the right balance between comfort and luxury because it feels like silk and is as breathable as cotton. The material is semi-synthetic and harvested from beech wood trees. The panties will be comfortable, won’t become too loose or shrink, and will wick moisture.


    • Working Out – People wear tight leggings and exercise clothing when they work out to minimise drag and friction. As these clothes cling to the skin, ordinary panty lines can be clearly visible, which none of us want. Therefore, many women choose to wear thongs in order to avoid visible panty lines and that can be one of the worst decisions you can make for your health.


    "[Thongs] are usually tight fitting and tend to slide back and forth while you exercise," says Dr. David Bank "All of this friction and heat can lead to UTIs (urinary tract infections) and vaginal bacterial infections, regardless of the fabric."  If these thongs are made of silk or satin rather than cotton, you might even face yeast infections because of excess moisture (eek!).


    If you’re concerned about your panty-lines peeking through the workout wear or tight jeans, buy seamless underwear. They are almost invisible underneath your pants and don’t have tight elastic bands that can dig into your skin and cause problems. Seamless garments are much more comfortable and will fit well because of the stretch and flexibility of the fabric. You won’t have to worry about your underwear moving around when you’re active or working out.


    • Change Underwear Often – If you’re working out or are going to engage in intense physical activity like sports, you should consider carrying another set of underwear with you. You should change into a fresh pair of panties immediately after you’ve finished your gym workout or sports activity - because all that wetness is like a breeding ground for yeast and bacteria.


    • Limit Your Use of Shapewear – The last thing I want to do here is Spanx-shame anyone, but shapewear can actually be pretty bad for you if you wear it too tight or for too long. These undergarments are tight and made from stretchable fabrics that don’t wick moisture as well as regular underwear does. If you need to wear shapewear, I recommend you use them only a couple of times in a week and be sure to wear proper cotton undergarments with it. That will help minimise the risk of infections.


    • Go Commando – We all know that sleeping naked is awesome, but did you also know it is good for you? Win, win! Nighttime is a great time to let your hooha air out while you sleep. However, it's not recommended to go without panties during the day, because the seam of your pants can rub your lady bits in all the wrong ways.


    So there you have it, a complete lowdown on the best underwear for your health in every situation. When I began Sasha’s Intimates, I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a pair of panties that were both healthy for me and flattering. Sasha’s Intimates is a chance to show women that we don’t have to compromise! Want to know more? Take a look at my blog post on the Sasha’s Intimates story


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  • I am an unapologetic and long-time lingerie fanatic. Every now and then someone asks me why I am so obsessed with this thing that is so rarely seen and meant to come off shortly after its audience debut. For me, wearing something sexy under my outfit is a daily reminder of feeling sensual and alive in my own skin, or, on the days that I don’t, faking it ’til I make it. The moment of mindfulness when I put them on — or take them off — serves as an affirmation: I believe I am sexy in my own skin.

    I truly believe that I walk a little taller when I’m wearing a perfectly constructed bralette or a particularly “scandalous” g-string. And I think that translates to a boost in both confidence and self-esteem, both of which, I hear, are pretty great for sex appeal — a decidedly positive secondary effect of strapping myself into some serious lingerie.

    The only thing that irks me about the lingerie industry, is the price. In short, buying expensive lingerie is a bit like buying anything else expensive. Up to a point, you’ll notice the difference, but eventually, you could double, triple, or even quadruple the price without noticing any significant change.  Besides, lingerie is meant to be worn, and if you buy something so expensive you’re afraid to wear or wash it, where’s the fun in that?

    My obsession with lingerie, slips and baby dolls started very early. A young, teenage me, would purchase lingerie and just admire them. I would hang them in my closet, knowing I couldn’t wear them around my parents’ home and had no one to show. To me, lingerie was beautiful and even if I couldn't wear it, I bought it so I could own it and admire it. Now I wear sexy lingerie to bed and sexy panties and bras daily- even if nobody will see. I see lingerie like getting a tattoo in a private spot, hidden from most eyes. It's an expression of yourself, your little secret. And if you choose to share that secret - you are empowered to do so.

    That is why I started Sasha’s Intimates. I wanted to amalgamate all of the things that I loved about lingerie in one. I want people to be able to feel sexy but comfy at the same time, without having to spend big. We all have that one pair of panties that we love. Mine are lace on the back, and cotton on the front, I can wear them all day at work but also at night, and I was sick of never being able to find another equivalent. It was either comfort or sex appeal. I want to put an end to that. From now on, we ladies are going to have our cake and eat it too!

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