Is Finding the Perfect Pair of Panties Like Finding the Perfect Boyfriend?

Many of us look back on our dating past and wonder how on earth we could ever have considered dating men so incompatible. We also reminisce on some of our underwear choices and think, ‘what the hell!?’

As new research finds that it is perfectly normal for women’s tastes in men to change as they get older, I can also confidently say that my taste in panties has changed. Research from has concluded that there is indeed a ‘perfect man’ for every stage in a woman’s life. With our growing conviction in what we want in a man, we also come to an understanding about our fashion choices, and in turn, what we want in a pair of panties.

From bright young things on the hunt for cheap lace and a bad boy with a car, to ‘later daters’ looking for quality, comfort and longevity, the research shows that a woman’s age will often dictate the different characteristics they look for in life.

Once we tip over the 18-year-old mark, we look at the out of shape, cheap panties we bought only 6 months ago and think there must be a better alternative. On the hunt for panties (and men) that made me feel sexy, but also stuck around for the long haul, I began Sasha’s Intimates.

Some of us have met ‘the one’. For me, he’s a pair of silk black boy legs, which remains in stupidly high rotation. Others are still wandering the world wearing underwear that cuts in, and sporting lace that seems to have collected a different ball of colour after every wash. My designs, material and construction are all orchestrated with comfort at the forefront and good looks as the driving force.

When we are younger, looks predominate but it gets to a point where we seek true comfort. In trying to switch to a more comfortable feel, I became undie-whelmed (apologies to the dad joke) by the options at hand, noticing there was nothing out there that was both sexy and could be worn all day.  Every piece in my collection is designed to give all day comfort without sacrificing in its seduction factor. I want them to be something you can be proud to wear and not desperate to take off!

Are you a loyal Sasha’s girl? Let me know how my sexy comfort has changed your life below!