You don’t want to get caught with your pants down this Christmas…or do you?

Christmas is almost here, and I can already feel the excitement in the air. There is nothing like it, no matter what age. Going to the Christmas tree in the morning, finding a present with your name on it, ripping it open, pulling out the gift and… your Aunt Susan got you a pair of daggy undies for Christmas… again!

I’m sure this has all happened to us at some point in our lives, making us cross underwear off as a potential Christmas gift.

Well, I want to break this stigma and show you that undies can be a great gift for Christmas and your recipient will love them!

For the kids out there, you can’t go wrong with a pair of undies where comfort comes first, but prettiness isn’t forgotten. Tick those boxes with our Cotton Lace Trim Panty, which comes in five great colours.

Now, for your sister. This one can be a little tricky.  You don’t want to give them something boring, but you also don’t want something overly seductive.  A great choice for them would be either our Sexy Back Laced Panties or our Ultimate Panties.  Thinking a set would be nicer?  You can’t go wrong with our Witness My Fitness - Striped Lace Bralette Set.  These have the perfect balance between sexy (but not too sexy), and comfort.

All that’s left is your partner.  This can go two ways.  If you have a female partner, you can purchase them a seductive set of undies such as our “White Romance Bralette Set”, which features a white, slightly see-through, lace bralette with matching panties.  Or you could be a little bit cheeky and get yourself and your lover a present all in one.  Buy something sexy that you love, maybe even our T for Two Black Laced Mesh Bralette Set. This way you get a new set of lingerie, and they get to see you in it.

There we go… Christmas shopping sorted!

Oh, of course, can’t forget Aunt Susan. For Christmas, you could get her The Sasha - Laced Shorts… and maybe a link to this blog.

Happy shopping!