About Us

 At Sasha’s Intimates we believe that no matter the shape or size, our bodies deserve to be lavished with lingerie. Based in beautiful Australia, we are an independent label that is dedicated to providing a culmination of comfort and visual appeal.
Our inspiration is the allure of a woman - her strong, independent and confident self. Sasha’s Intimates is defined by flattering cuts and exquisite details designed to accentuate your raw beauty, without breaking the bank.
The label evolved from our strong desire to create a price-conscious product that was an alluring reflection of every woman's innate sense of style. We want our women to feel like they can place a piece of Sasha’s Intimates under any item of clothing and instantly feel transformed.
The Sasha’s girl is confident in her ability to set herself ahead of others but doesn’t make a statement for the sake of it. Sasha’s Intimates is her secret weapon to look good and feel great in every moment.


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